Sarah. 17. "The choice I made back then was wrong". Lately I've been chilling with the survey corps killing titans.

2014 MTV Video Music Awards: Best Choreography » Chandelier: Directed by Sia & Daniel Askill featuring Maddie Ziegler. Choreography by Ryan Heffington.

Sia at the 2010 Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival - Day 2.






why am i not the protagonist of an amazing story

you are though—its called your life

shut the fuck up i wanna struggle fighting demons not struggle with getting out of bed every day

but those are your demons

i am hereby naming you as the antagonist and now it is my sole job to find you and hit you in the face with a chair for that bitch ass comment you just made

Title: Pilsbury Dough Girl
Artist: The All-American Rejects
Played: 41 times


The All American Rejects // Pillsbury Dough Girl

oooohhhh baby look at you all pasty like the pillsbury dough boy

the all-american rejects early works are masterpieces and need to be treasured

Somebody like me
I’d die for you
Title: Here I Sit
Artist: The All-American Rejects
Played: 126 times

Here I sit in a low lit room

I think I’d like you right on top

All I have is a mind that needs to sink

You’re always right on top

Guess if you were around tonight I know

I’d ask the questions if you still got it

You still got it?

i feel so dumb rn I thought something was wrong with my laptop for a whole month because the wifi would connect perfectly everywhere but my house which had a “limited connection” but it turns out I just memorized the wifi password incorrectly



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